Frequently asked questions


     Do you do Men's Waxing and Spray Tans?

           Yes, we offer waxing and tanning services for men. The only service that we don't 

         offer to our male customers is a Brazilian Wax.

     Prep before my wax.

          It is recommended to shower before your appointment. If the hair is long

          you may want to consider trimming. Make sure not to cut the hair too short 

          so that there is something for the wax to grab on to. 

     How long does my hair have to be?

        We recommend 1/4 of an inch of growth for optimal results. Which is usually

          equivalent to at least two weeks of growth.



     What should I do before my spray tan?

         We suggest shower, shave and exfoliate. Do not put lotions,

          makeup or deodorant on before coming to your appointment. Be sure

          to wear loose fitting clothes. We provide disposable bra and panties if


     How long does my spray tan last?

          About 5-7 days. 

     How do I prolong my spray tan?

         Make sure that you moisturize frequently.


     How long do they last?

         Depending on the type and the application it could be anywhere

         from two weeks to one year. This can be discussed at your

         consultation based on the type of extensions that best suit your needs. 

         Consultations are complimentary but do require an appointment.



            1. Wait 24 hours before washing or chemically processing 

                your hair

            2. When conditioning make sure you only condition from the mid

                shaft to the ends, keeping away from the tape tabs.

            3. Wear your hair in a loose ponytail when exercising, swimming

                and sleeping to reduce tangling.

            4. When using heat tools to style your hair keep heat away from

                tape tabs and do not exceed 350 degrees.


            1. Don't use any products containing alcohol or ethanol

            2. Don't brush harshly

            3. Do not go to bed with wet hair

            4. Do not chemically process your hair at home

            5. Do not try to remove extensions yourself.


       We offer Botox and Filler Services about every third Thursday in the salon. 

        Jan Costa, RN, BSN Aesthetic Nurse Specialist from Subbio Plastic Surgery 

       & medial spa will be happy to help with your Botox and Filler needs. 

       Call the salon to make an appointment. A $50 deposit is required to hold 

       your spot.


       MUST come in with hair freshly washed, clean and dried. If hair 

       needs to be washed before the updo there will be an additional